4 Days Stay At Sasakwa Lodge 2025


4 Days Stay At Sasakwa Lodge 2025

Duration :   4 Days 3 Nights
The Price :   $ 9,535
Total Seats :  10/10

Tanzania is a spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime Safari bucket list destination for several explorers, and it needs to be done accurately: the East Africa Safari Guides way. On this 4-day Stay at Sasakwa Lodge 2025 safari itinerary, you will have ample time to explore nature.


Our in-house Tanzania experts have toured this incredibly attractive and diverse country and wisely curated tours that showcase phenomenal wildlife, scenery, sustenance, wine, and cultural charms.


Our private Tanzania Safari tours in 2025 feature the best luxury safari lodge in the private game reserves of Grumeti that provide optimal (and uncrowded) biota sightseeing opportunities, including Singita Sasakwa Lodge in Grumeti Reserve – Serengeti National Park.


Is staying at Singita Sasakwa Lodge in 2025 worth the decision?

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Singita Sasakwa Luxury Lodge was built like a grand Edwardian manor house, with a light and breezy atmosphere that instantly relaxes you. This lovely lodge offers splendid panoramic views, boundless freedom, and absolute tranquility.


Sasakwa Grumeti naturally combines laid-back luxury with refined charm. The lodge is a feast for the eyes with its superb entrance, spacious verandas, well-designed candelabras, and exclusive antiques. The tailored touch of local artifacts and ancestral cushions adds to its cozy and welcoming heaven.


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At Sasakwa Luxury Safari Lodge, you’ll relish a front-row view of the plentiful wildlife in the extensive 350,000-acre Singita Grumeti Reserve in the Serengeti.


What to see and do at Sasakwa Lodge Serengeti 2025 with families, couples, or friends?


The experience makes for an incomparable East African safari tour, complete with relaxation activities that include;


Game Drives at Singita Sasakwa Lodge — Venturing deep into Africa’s unharmed and out-of-the-way wilderness, Singita Sasakwa Lodge offers guests the chance to escape on exciting game drives twice daily. These drives allow for up-close encounters with the continent’s most fabulous regal creatures while dipping oneself in the raw beauty of nature.


Your bespoke exploration with a well-informed Field Safari Guide guarantees that you have the choice to revel in the vast landscapes around you. Each ride is unique, promising remarkable experiences with Africa’s iconic wildlife. Thanks to the tireless work of Singita’s conservation Funds & Trusts, these brilliant creatures continue to thrive in their natural habitat.


Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safari at Sasakwa Lodge — At Singita Grumeti, guests can climb above the Serengeti Plains, famously known as the “Endless Maasai Plains,” in a hot air balloon thanks to our partnership with Serengeti Balloon Safaris services providers. This farfetched Africa Safari experience in 2025 permits guests to witness the roomy beauty of the Serengeti at sunrise.


While you can book this Safari activity upon arrival in Tanzania, we suggest pre-booking through East Africa Safari Guides reservations for an all-in-one experience.


  • All pilots are commercially licensed to fly balloons.


  • Kids aged 7 and up are welcome to adults.


  • There’s no age limit, so feel free to come along!


  • Hot air balloon service provides an estimated passenger weight of around 80kg.


  • Flights typically last about an hour but can vary depending on the wind.


Family experience at Singita Sasakwa Lodge –


This 4-day stay at Sasakwa Lodge 2025 family safari is crafted to cater to the exceptional comforts of each group. It is planned to awaken the senses and motivate a love for the wilds from an early age. The undamaged sceneries of Africa provide a flawless setting for genuinely superior learning experiences.


The Field Guides and Trackers at Singita Sasakwa Lodge are avid about sharing their general knowledge with their guests, from bird calls to enthralling plant species. They help instill a sense of miracle and respect for the endless beauty of the bush.


At the lodge, kids can enjoy a variety of fun activities like:


  • Mini Rangers’ Course


  • Cooking sessions


  • Board games


  • Stargazing


  • Walking Safari (for ages 16 and up*)


  • Activity booklets full of games and quizzes


  • Arts & crafts


  • Movies


  • Swimming


There are more activities at Singita Sasakwa Grumeti besides the above, such as calming wellness treatments, tennis, community visits, wine experiences, and a Gallery & Boutique.


On this itinerary, you will fly directly to Grumeti Airstrip either from Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, or Kilimanjaro International Airport and stay three nights at Singita Sasakwa on an exclusive private African safari organized by an East Africa Safari Guides specialist.


You’ll hop on some scheduled charter flights for transfer between locations. We’ve even thrown in 2 scenic safari flights to make your journey quicker and more convenient. For example, taking a one-way flight from Dar es Salaam to the far-flung Serengeti airstrip will save you two days of driving time.


Let this Singita safari be your dream Tanzania safari. Experience the best tour you’ve never taken anywhere else.


East Africa Safari Guides suggests you start planning and booking your Tanzania safari at least 8 to 12 months in advance. Because of limited space and high demand, safari accommodations fill up quickly throughout the year. Contact our knowledgeable Africa consultant to personalize your safari experience and get pricing based on your travel preferences.


Singita Sasakwa Lodge Itinerary 2025 Highlights – 4 Days (3 nights)


  • Day 1: Fly from Kilimanjaro, Dar es Salaam, or Zanzibar to Serengeti. Enjoy overnight stays, safari activities, and delicious meals at Singita Tanzania.


  • Day 2 & 3: Explore the wonders of Serengeti with overnight stays, safari adventures, and mouthwatering meals at Singita Sasakwa Lodge.


  • Day 4: Fly from Serengeti to Zanzibar, Kilimanjaro, or Dar es Salaam. Alternatively, extend your adventure with optional extra days on Safari in Serengeti or fly to Mahale and Katavi for an exclusive African Safari experience.


Book Now & Pay Today


Prices are in US dollars. Singita Sasakwa Lodge prices are listed per adult sharing a double or twin room. Additional charges may apply for single rooms or during holiday seasons. For child safari prices, please get in touch with us.


The 4 Days Stay at Sasakwa Lodge 2025 safari itinerary rates apply from May 1st to September 30th and from December 15th to January 10th. For other travel months, the prices are as follows:


  • January 10th to April 30th: $10,170 per person for room sharing


  • October 1st to 31st: $12,100 per person for room sharing


  • November 1st to 30th and December 1st to 14th: $10,170 per person for room sharing.


Enjoy your African safari experience with Singita Sasakwa Lodge!

Schedule Details

Day 1: Arrival in Tanzania & Fly to Serengeti National Park

Smooth Arrival Experience:

When you touch down at the airport, a warm representative from East Africa Safari Guide will help you through immigration and lead you to your connecting flight to Sasakwa Serengeti Lodge.

Upon reaching Grumeti Airstrip, another friendly representative from Singita Sasakwa Grumeti will eagerly await to greet you and take you to Serengeti. Embrace the calm vibes of this serene private concession and relax.


There is no need to hurry. Just unwind and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings. Your stay here is meant to be peaceful and stress-free. Have a wonderful time!

Day 2 – 3: Explore Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti National Park, a colonial game reserve turned National Park, is a testament to the preservation of nature. Its journey from a hunting ground to a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979 is a story of conservation and protection.


Tourism plays a vital role in sustaining these conservation efforts, as the revenue generated is used for anti-poaching patrols, habitat restoration, and community development. Spanning from Ndutu in southern Serengeti to Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, this untouched wilderness is a treasure trove of woodlands, lakes, and grassy plains, waiting to be explored by responsible tourists like you.


The Serengeti is home to various wild animals, such as herbivores, predators, and avifauna. The blue wildebeest (also known as white-bearded wildebeest) plays a crucial role in determining the ecosystem's nature. Every year, they embark on a spectacular annual Great Migration, covering 3200 kilometers from northern Tanzania to southwestern Kenya and back as they seek fresh pastures due to the seasonal drying out of the plains.


This migration is a sight to behold, with the thundering hooves of wildebeests, the stealthy movements of predators, and the majestic flights of vultures. It's a unique opportunity to witness the circle of life in action.


A visit to the Serengeti National Park is a unique opportunity to witness the interwoven miracles of life and death on a wondrous East African safari adventure. Singita Sasakwa Lodge, a luxurious retreat within the Grumeti Reserves, offers a unique blend of comfort and wilderness.


The lodge features spacious suites, a world-class restaurant, and a relaxing spa after a day of wildlife exploration. It is located within the Grumeti Reserves, which spans more than 350,000 acres of untouched, private land in the western corridor of the Serengeti ecosystem. The reserve is on the Great Migration route, providing access to one of the world's most spectacular natural events.


Since its establishment in 2003, the Grumeti Reserves have led the charge in wildlife conservation. Their tireless efforts have safeguarded a wide variety of wildlife, including the five most coveted animals: lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and African buffalo.


With a staggering array of over 70 mammal species, including a breeding population of over 400 African buffalo and one of Africa's largest concentrations of elephants, the reserve stands as a testament to the triumph of these conservation initiatives. Singita Sasakwa Lodge, positioned along the path of the Great Migration, offers a unique vantage point from which to witness this extraordinary natural phenomenon.


Day 4: Transfer back to Kilimanjaro International Airport

After breakfast, you will be accompanied to the Grumeti Airstrip to board your flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport. From there, you can fly back home or extend your trip.


You can extend your trip to Thanda Island, a lovely private island in Mafia, for 6 days.


Another thrilling option is to fly to western Tanzania and spend a few days in Mahale and Katavi, where you can embark on an exciting Chimpanzee trekking adventure; this is one of the exceptional East Africa tours in 2025.


  • Accommodation
  • Additional Services
  • Airport Transfer
  • Domestic Flights
  • Guide
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Meals
  • Serengeti Hot-Air Balloon
  • Tennis court
  • Transport
  • Welcome Drinks


  • Insurance
  • International Flights
  • Visa Fee


  • Village Visit
  • Walking Safari

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