Crowd-free safari: Tanzania luxury tours in private concessions 2024-2025

Experience the ultimate adventure with our exclusive tours in private concessions. Discover hidden gems and untamed beauty in a secluded setting like no other.

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Tanzania is a dream safari destination for every safari-goer who wishes to enjoy its beautiful attractions. When choosing this picturesque country as your favorite destination, you can enjoy adventures in world-famous attractions such as the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Mount Kilimanjaro or explore lesser-known hidden gems such as the Western and Southern safari zone, all tour in private concessions.

Have you imagined what a luxury tour in a private concession would be like? First, let’s begin by learning what a private concession is. A private concession usually refers to when a private entity (or an individual) is given rights over a specified area within a national park or a protected area. The rights provided usually involve managing and operating tourism-related activities within the selected location. Compared to other areas within the national park, private concessions are secluded and are not guided by public regulations, which tend to offer many limitations. Examples of private concessions in Tanzania include Serengeti Grumeti Reserve, Loliondo Game Controlled Area, Mwiba Wildlife Reserve, etc.

Why we at East African Safari Guides recommend you stay in a private concession

Private concessions are private and luxurious, offering comfortable safari trips. The tours to these exquisite destinations are more private, allowing you to explore the wonders of such beautiful destinations in a crowd-free safari. Private concessions usually have world-class lodges with enough space to accommodate you comfortably. 

East Africa Safari Guides recommends you stay in a private concession during your safari around the Serengeti (and other places) because of three significant factors: better-personalized services offered at the private concessions, enjoying higher levels of comfort while ensuring maximum privacy. The last is the fact that most of the private concessions provide additional activities that are unique and can hardly be found in other places (speaking of activities like watching the scenic views of the sunrise and sunsets from spectacular locations within the private concessions, bush dinners, perfectly designed amenities, and some private concessions breaks the limits by offering night game drives in places like Serengeti).

Advantages to tour in a private concession

These conservancies control the number of visitors reaching them, thus making the conservational regulations less tight. Controlling the number of visitors also comes with a bucket full of added advantages, including offering higher levels of privacy, providing room for personalized services, and avoiding huge crowds.

Along with night game drives offered by some private concessions in Serengeti National Park, you can also enjoy off-the-trail drives. Off-the-trail drives are off the regular roads set for vehicles within the national parks. Under normal conditions, it is strictly prohibited to drive off the regular driving roads set in the national park, but you can overcome this only when in a private concession. Off-the-trail drives enable you to explore stunning vegetation, landscapes, and wildlife at a closer angle.

 If you need to spend your holiday in private concessions, here are some of the private concessions around the Serengeti Ecosystem:

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Singita Grumeti Reserve

Are you looking for a private gateway to discover the magical views of western Serengeti? Singita Grumeti Reserve is the answer. This private concession, with an area of about 14,000 hectares, is situated in the northwestern corridor of the great Serengeti ecosystem. This concession is among the regions crossed by migratory animals, especially from early July through late August, and sometimes the crossing might go up to mid-September.

Singita Grumeti Reserve - Tour in a private concession
Singita Grumeti Reserve

Private wildlife viewing safaris can be organized in Grumeti, including witnessing the migrating animals crossing the mighty Grumeti River. While staying in this private concession, you can do many activities. These activities include regular game drives, off-road viewing, walking safaris, and night game drives. While on a safari at Singita Grumeti Reserve, you may stay at one of its three luxurious accommodation facilities: Singita Sasakwa Lodge, Singita Faru Faru River Lodge, or Singita Sasakwa Tented Camp.

Mwiba Wildlife Reserve

This private concession borders the Ngorongoro Conservation to the west and Serengeti National Park to the south. Spending time in this private concession will enable you to witness the wildebeest migration as the migratory animals pass through it between December and April. This private ranch is rich in stunning landscapes such as rolling hills, kopjes, rivers, and grassy plains. The never-drying water sources attract thousands of wildebeests, and most animals come from two famous wildlife sanctuaries, Ngorongoro and Serengeti, when water becomes scarce in the dry season. This never-drying water source makes Mwiba Wildlife Reserve home to people and several wild animals surrounding the area in search of water.

Mwiba Lodge: Exploring Wildlife Hospitality
Mwiba Lodge

Mwiba Lodge is an accommodation facility within this private concession that brings luxury life to the Tanzanian wilderness. With just ten tented suites fitted with air conditioning, Mwiba Lodge brings together family connections in the middle of the spectacular wild. The suites are well-appointed and decorated with eye-catching arts that blend with the natural surroundings.

Loliondo Game Controlled Area

This concession is situated on the remote corner of Serengeti on the edge of Kuka Hills. This private concession covers an area of about 10,000 hectares. Klein’s Camp is the most common property found in this concession. Klein’s Camp is a deluxe, remote, and private safari camp in Serengeti National Park, which combines the luxury life in the tented rooms with outside natural surroundings. While staying in Klein’s Camp, you can enjoy game viewing on a private jeep with less restriction to off-road driving. You can also go for night drives, bush dinners, and walking trips. Several wild animals can be spotted in this Loliondo Concession, including buffalo, lion, elephant, hippo, and leopard.

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AndBeyond Klein’s Camp

Klein’s Camp’s ten cottages are well-decorated with art and attractive varnish. It has amenities like a bar, flush toilets, Wi-Fi services, and en suite bathrooms. Klein’s Camp is very accessible by booking a flight from Lobo airstrip followed by a two-hour drive to the camp.

The safari experiences obtained from a tour in the private concession are exceptional. They give visitors a five-star experience while exploring the untouched natural attractions of Serengeti. These safaris are luxurious and cost $1800 per person per sharing. 

Bottom Line

Tanzania is a spectacular destination for those who wish to experience a memorable safari while relaxing in a private concession. This trip is more rewarding as it aims to cater to the traveler’s desires at an individual level.

Private concessions are also better in Tanzania than in other countries because Tanzania offers a beautiful landscape filled with colorful plants and general vegetation cover. These landscapes are also constantly covered with eye-catching scenes of beautiful wild animals, where you can be lucky enough to witness some of their unforgettable scenes like mating, hunting, and so forth. All these make Tanzania the leading destination for a spectacular African safari adventure. Meanwhile, East Africa Safari Guides is your most reliable tour operator in Tanzania and East Africa.

Are you ready to tour Tanzania’s private concessions?

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