AndBeyond Klein’s Camp: The Hub of Exclusivity

Nestled on the edge of Kuka Hills, the plain covers 10,000 hectares in a private wildlife concession offering a magnificent view of the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. The land leased from the Maasai landlord has become a wildlife paradise for high-end travelers like you. AndBeyond Klein's Camp is the epitome of your luxury adventure.

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Surrounded by the essence of the Serengeti, this secluded Camp lets you experience the true spirit of the wild African landscape. With a vintage safari style that perfectly reflects the untamed nature of this land, AndBeyond Klein’s Camp offers stone interiors that reveal breathtaking panoramas, along with cozy open fireplaces to keep you warm. The beautifully furnished bar and sitting area, featuring stone floors and comfortable leather armchairs, are ideal for relaxing and enjoying your time.

Prepare to be amazed by one of Africa’s most stunning views as you spend your afternoons on your verandah, gazing at the smoky vistas of distant hills. This natural sanctuary is brimming with flourishing wildlife, from wooded hillsides and rolling grasslands to forested river banks. Make sure to visit the Safari Shop, where you can find locally-made Maasai crafts that captivate your senses. The organic vegetable garden also provides fresh produce for your delicious and wholesome meals, which can be savored in the main dining area or under the twinkling stars outside the concession.

Safari Experience at Andbeyond Klein’s Camp

Indulge in an exclusive and intimate safari experience at Andbeyond Klein’s Camp. As the annual wildebeest and zebras’ migration turns to the south Serengeti from Kenya, Andbeyond Klein’s Camp is an ideal spot to witness this spectacular wildlife event during October and November. All predators, such as lions, leopards, and cheetahs, have marked their territories here and become residents even when migration is gone.

Off-roading is a fantastic experience that you will not find in the national park, while at Andbeyond Klein’s Camp, you will have the privilege of getting closer to the wilderness by off-roading. With your guide, you may opt for an early morning game drive and return for breakfast during midmorning, take the meals with you, return during lunch, and unwind by the kidney-shaped pool to rejuvenate.

Birdlife at Andbeyond Klein’s Camp

Andbeyond klein's camp
Andbeyond klein’s camp

Loliondo concession will steal your soul if you are a bird watcher. Over 345 bird species have been recorded in this area. A rare black Verreaux’s eagles are often seen soaring on the plains and near the Camp. The other common birds should be mentioned in this area.

Exceptional Service and Activities

The good thing about Andbeyond Klein’s Camp is that it is located outside Serengeti National Park; you may go for a night game drive and nature walks, which you could not do in Serengeti. You can go out for a guided nature stroll with your guide for one and a half hours or half a day. 

While there, you may go to the local village of Maasai, Ololosokwani. The Maasai people in these villages are typical and non-commercial, giving you an authentic cultural experience. Spending time with Maasai by engaging in different activities in their homesteads will mark a beacon of life-changing experience to your heart.

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The night game drive in this concession is fantastic, as you will be with your driver guide and tracker in the front seat, helping you to spot the hard-to-see Nocturnals.

Non-Child-Friendly Environment

At Andbeyond Klein’s Camp, children are welcome with open arms as long as they are over 12 years old. We recommend this Camp for mature adults as it does not offer child facilities due to dangerous wild animals sometimes passing through it.

Sustainable Tourism Practices

The Camp is proud to practice sustainable tourism, working hand in hand with local communities to preserve the environment and protect wildlife. Different programs have been initiated in the nearby villages of Ololosokwan and involve them in camp operation and development, as 78% of staff come from nearby villages. 

In partnership with the Africa Foundation, the Camp has successfully raised funds for the Ololosokwan primary school to assist with renovations. The school was established in 1979 and now serves over 589 students with 11 teachers, while 160 students have access to boarding facilities since the school is in a remote rural location.

Not enough, the camp has also been raising funds for a medical clinic in Ololosokwan village since 2007; the clinic serves 20 to 30 community members daily despite a lack of electricity and resources. The raised fund succeeded in installing solar panels in 2015 and marked the beginning of a new lighting era.

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By choosing Andbeyond Klein’s Camp, you contribute to the conservation efforts that positively impact the world.

Health and Safety 

There is no worry while at Andbeyond Klein’s Camp as all staff and guides are well trained in the first aid service, and the lodge has enough kits. At Ololosokwan village, there is a ten-room Health Centre. Also, there is a link for flying doctors to take you to the advanced health facilities in case of any emergency.

Your African Safari Awaits

Escape to the enchanting world of Andbeyond Klein’s Camp and immerse yourself in the beauty of the African wilderness. Request a quote and begin your extraordinary safari journey today.


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