Soar Above the Savanna: Helicopter Safari

Would you like to try a different type of safari experience? A helicopter safari adventure is a unique experience that may not be for everyone, but is perfect for those seeking an extravagant safari experience.

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Regarding safari experiences, Tanzania safaris stand as the most fascinating safari tours. Tanzania is among the countries leading in offering the best African safari experiences from its numerous tourism destinations. One such safari experience is the helicopter safari, which may be conducted through various national parks and other destinations in Tanzania. A Tanzanian safari involves exploring the vast plains of its game parks, breathtaking volcanoes, light-reflecting lakes, and the Indian Ocean. Many guests visiting Tanzania for safari tours will enjoy various activities, from wildlife viewing on a safari vehicle, beach holidays, and glamorous volcanoes to unforgettable cultural tours. A helicopter safari is a way to explore the untouched regions of Tanzania and other parts of East Africa.

What is the best safari in Tanzania? A helicopter safari is more than what a visitor can imagine. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to view the natural beauty of Tanzania from an aerial point of view. East Africa Safari Guides collaborate with Legendary Expeditions to bring you this fascinating tour. You can experience it when transferring from one destination to another. It is an exclusive safari that is organized on a luxurious basis. You will be flying from one destination to another while accessing off-the-beaten-track attractions that are difficult to reach. 

Where to go for helicopter safaris in Tanzania

With Legendary Expeditions, you can book a Tanzania helicopter tour to various destinations such as Lake Eyasi, Southern Serengeti, and the Great Rift Valley. Helicopter safaris are highly recommended and are available from multiple points, such as Legendary Lodge, Chem Chem Safari, and Mwiba Lodge. Below is a glance through the destinations you can enjoy best while on a helicopter. 

Lake Eyasi

Lake Eyasi is a stunning lake between the Great Rift Valley Eyasi escarpment and the Kidero Mountains. This mirror-like soda lake is found at the southwestern end of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, just 133 kilometers west of Lake Manyara. With an area of 1050 square kilometers, Lake Eyasi is famously known for inhabiting the Hadzabe Bushmen and the Tindiga on its shores. The Hadzabe and Tindiga still hold the ancient modes of life that involve hunting and gathering.

You can witness all the attractions of Lake Eyasi while on a helicopter safari. Fly with an experienced pilot from Mwiba Lodge, Arusha, or Chem Chem Safari to enjoy the breathtaking escarpment and the beautiful vistas of Lake Eyasi. Embrace that feeling as your pilot maintains a low altitude for the views to be more precise. The birds inhabiting the shore of this soda lake create a glorious view from the helicopter, especially between November and December. The majority of birds that are seen here include the colorful pink flamingos and amazing pelicans. After roaming freely in the air, you will be brought to a landing point, which stands high up on the escarpment. Have brunch, snacks, or a sundowner, and then return to your lodge. You can also continue the adventure to other destinations with enough time.

Southern Serengeti

This part of Serengeti is well known for its richness in wild animals, especially games such as wildebeest, zebra, buffalo, and many more. The incredible landscapes and stunning plains also characterize this region. 

A helicopter safari over this iconic region is memorable. Fly high to the sky above the vast plains for which Serengeti National Park is famed, observe the wildlife dispersed around the grassy plains, stare at amazing landscapes, and keep exploring until your first stop on a beautiful boulder. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee and rewind up on what you have experienced before starting your next trip. 

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The Great Rift Valley – Helicopter Safari

The Great Rift Valley is a fantastic feature that characterizes some Tanzanian attractions, such as Lake Manyara and Lake Eyasi. Observing these beautiful features from an aerial view is very appealing. 

This helicopter safari is available from Mwiba Lodge, Arusha, and Chem Chem Safari. It comprises several coffee stops and may last until late afternoon. 

Start your journey from any mentioned locations and fly over the Great Rift Valley while enjoying the fantastic views. You will fly over Lake Natron, where the views of the flamingos are much more precise, and then fly over to Ol Doinyo Lengai to see the aerial view of this active volcano. Your pilot will take you to a low altitude to make the waterfalls’ views amazing. Afterward, you will fly over the Ngorongoro Crater and Empakai Crater. You will conclude your trip by flying down Lake Eyasi to witness the crystal-clear water and a fantastic escarpment.

Other northern circuit destinations 

In collaboration with Legendary Expeditions, East Africa Safari Guides can also organize helicopter safaris to other striking destinations in the northern circuit, such as Tarangire National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Lake Manyara. We also allow you to include other destinations outside of Tanzania but within East Africa, such as Masai Mara. We organize our customized helicopter safaris, giving our guests all they need to be included in their helicopter safari. However, keep updated that national parks must approve helicopter safaris, and you must book them at least three months in advance to get them ready. 

Is it safe to go on a helicopter safari in Tanzania?

Yes, we assure you of safety during your helicopter safari. We have professional and highly experienced pilots and instructors collaborating with charming guides to ensure your tour is enjoyable and safe. The guide explains the views of the landscapes and wildlife while giving you precautions for take-off, landing, and flying. Your safety is always the priority of East Africa Safari Guides and Legendary Expeditions. 

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Legendary Expeditions uses a world-class helicopter to fly guests over the wonders of Tanzania. An award-winning Airbus H125 helicopter is used. This modern helicopter has enhanced safety VEMD systems and satellite tracking, ensuring guests’ safety. It is also equipped with dual hydraulics and many other facilities that make guests comfortable during their journey. A helicopter safari is also conducted for a group of 4 up to 6 people to increase the rewards. 

The pilots who deliver Tanzania helicopter tours are professionals with more than ten years of experience. They hold FAA and KCAA commercial pilot’s licenses. Our instructors are also qualified professionals.


If you want the best safari experience in Tanzania, an experienced tour operator, East Africa Safari Guides, can make that possible. We offer iconic Tanzania safaris that we uniquely deliver to our clients. With customized itineraries, expert staff, and experience, East Africa Safari Guides strive to organize superb helicopter safaris through various destinations in Tanzania. Our helicopter tours offer more than a game drive or a walking safari can provide. Therefore, they are highly recommended to visitors wishing to explore the African wilderness uniquely. 

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