Beyond wildlife: Join a philanthropic safari in the Maasai communities 2024/2025

Giving back to the community is more rewarding. Seeing the difference you made in Maasai while on your tour is heart-touching.

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Guests Visiting Maasai Community in West Kilimanjaro on a Philanthropic Safari.

With over 120 tribes, Tanzania is a glorious nation endowed with vibrant ethnic groups of varying cultural practices. The Maasai are a friendly tribe inhabiting the northern landscapes of Tanzania. They are semi-nomadic pastoralists who still live traditionally. A Philanthropic Safari in Tanzania 2024/2025 doesn’t only view wildlife and scenic landscapes but also positively impacts the community.

This life-changing journey will leave the community happy and welcoming to visitors while unleashing your power of giving. East Africa Safari Guides can organize a philanthropic safari through the Maasai community in Osiligilai, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Karatu, and Mto wa Mbu upon request. Visiting these areas will allow you to interact firsthand with these welcoming tribes.

The Maasai Community!

The Maasai predominate in the highlands and plains of northern Tanzania and southern Kenya. Their main economic activity is pastoralism. Their never-changing customs and ways of life interest many guests. They start with their unique dress style, which distinguishes them from other tribes in Tanzania. Their shukas, usually red, blue, pink, or black, decorate their appearance. Females always add some beautiful beads to their shukas.

History of the Maasai!

Historically, the Maasai were the residents of the Nile Valley before the 15th century. They moved to the south and settled in modern Kenya and Tanzania. They then dominated the wilds of these two countries, with their main activity being pastoralism, but a few were farmers.

Why should you embark on a philanthropic safari to the Maasai?

The Maasai assist conservation in many aspects. They coexist with wildlife in protected areas and have lived in the wild for centuries. They mainly rely on their livestock (cow, goat, and sheep) as their meat sources instead of meat from wild animals. The Maasai face challenges such as lack of access to quality education, wildlife conflicts, loss of their natural habitats due to forced migration, and loss of authentic cultural practices. Therefore, your philanthropic safari 2024/2025 to these people will impact the Maasai in various ways.

Where should you go for a Philanthropic Safari in Tanzania in 2024/2025?

East Africa Safari Guides will take you to various Maasai villages where you can make an impact. These villages include Osiligilai, Mto wa Mbu, and others in Karatu and Arusha.

Osiligilai Maasai Lodge!

Between the two breathtaking volcanoes, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, Osiligilai Maasai Lodge is an eco-friendly lodge near the village of Ngabobo in Western Kilimanjaro. This lodge is built under the traditional architecture of the Maasai, and it offers cultural immersion to the Maasai who surround this beautiful property. Osiligilai benefits the Maasai in various ways.

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They use their artistic skills by selling their handmade products to the guests of this marvelous lodge. The lodge also employs Maasai local guides who guide visitors to different destinations while staying there. You will immerse yourself in the Maasai’s authentic culture without compromising the luxurious life.

Maasai of Ngorongoro Crater dancing
Maasai in Ngorongoro Crater dances for clients during the Philanthropic Safari in Tanzania.

Start your day with stunning sunrise views from Mount Kilimanjaro, enjoy the scenic views of the Maasai steppe, walk with the Maasai guide in their village, or herd their cattle to the grass fields like the genuine Maasai. Females can also join the Maasai females in collecting traditional herbs to make a Maasai soup later in the evening. 

Finish your day with relaxation in a swimming pool, listen to the Maasai folktales on campfires, or meditate to boost your soul in a particular meditation room. You will spend the night in the Maasai Bungalows, which are locally designed in a Maasai traditional way. As you embark on your Maasai tour at Osiligilai Maasai Lodge, you will enjoy doing plenty of activities.

You may attend a Maasai Festival and Dance. Join them as they dance in their unique jumping style to commemorate specific achievements like youth initiation. In the evening, join their spear-throwing competition to see if you can beat these vibrant warriors. Sit on a campfire while enjoying the illuminating sunset. Traditional stories are usually narrated on a campfire.

What impact does your tour to Osiligilai have on the Maasai?

By visiting Western Kilimanjaro and staying overnight at Osiligilai Maasai Lodge, you are giving back to the Maasai community. Your fee spent at this spectacular lodge is used to develop the Maasai through various community projects such as schools, water projects, and health centers.

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You can also visit some Maasai projects to make a difference. An excellent example of such a project is the MAA Eagles Foundation for Women and Children, which aims to educate the Maasai and empower women.

This project runs a preschool and supports the establishment of Namayani English Medium School, which we believe will bring a positive outcome to the Maasai. A visit to the Maasai projects costs about $50 per person.

The Maasai of Ngorongoro: Philanthropic Safari in Tanzania 2024/2025

The Maasai have been grazing their livestock in the Ngorongoro Highlands, coexisting with wild grazers such as wildebeests, zebras, antelopes, and buffalos. As you visit the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, plan to make a difference to this vibrant tribe. The Maasai consider wildlife part of their everyday lives, thus playing an essential role in protecting wildlife. They also face serious challenges, such as forced migration from their ancestral land. Your philanthropic safari will give them more hope and assist them in surviving in the wild.

How can you make a difference to the Maasai of Ngorongoro?

You can buy their handmade arts and crafts, including necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and Maasai sandals. You can also pay for their traditional dances or join them on a walk to search for conventional herbs. Another way of making an impact is booking a Maasai guide who can guide you through your tour in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Tanzania Philanthropy Safari 2025/2026
Tanzania Philanthropy Safari

You can also visit community projects that aim to support the Maasai’s life in the wilderness of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. An excellent example of such a project is the Ngorongoro Maasai-Lion Conflict Mitigation Project, which aims at creating friendships between the Maasai and the crater lions.

Mto wa Mbu village!

This is another fascinating village that is neighboring Lake Manyara National Park and Tarangire National Park. You can visit this bustling village on your route to Serengeti and Ngorongoro. Visiting this village will allow you to interact with the local communities, most of whom are the Maasai.

You will be charged a village fee to make a difference in this village, such as developing irrigation systems. You can make an impact by buying local goods produced by the Maasai artisans or visiting the Maasai Market on Thursday afternoons to buy a collection of goods.

Together with our guests, We make the World a Better Place!

East Africa Safari Guides has your back if philanthropic safari appeals to you. We organize a meaningful charitable safari for the Maasai communities, and if it is what you dream of, plan a trip with us.

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