Hot Air Balloon Safari Tanzania

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Hot Air Balloon Safari Tanzania

Being blessed with dozens of attractions, Tanzania is a thriving travel destination in East Africa. Visitors enjoy memorable safari experiences in this fabulous country. It is well-known for its wildlife viewing, bird-watching trips, cultural safaris, walking safaris, and beach holidays. Have you imagined what a Hot Air Balloon Safari in Tanzania would be like?

It is a unique way to explore the wonders of Tanzania. In this safari, you can survey the glamorous plains, landscapes, rivers, and forests from an aerial view.

History of Hot Air Balloons

Take a deep breath, and let’s go back in time. In approximately 220-280 AD, Zhuge Liang began employing the first unmanned hot air balloons in the Shu Han Empire. They did not use balloons to transport people to different heights, as in the Serengeti. They used them as flying lamps for military signals.

Tanzania Safari Experience with Balloon Serengeti 2025
Serengeti Hot Air Balloon SAFARI experience

The hot air balloon technology did not stop with the Chinese and French brothers. Later on, Serengeti National Park adopted this technology. It was a significant sign of success at the time. It was an incredible safari adventure in Tanzania’s national parks.

Who is Balloon Safaris for?

A balloon safari is for anyone who wants to explore Tanzanian wildlife destinations differently. Balloon safaris are different from other ways of exploring the wonders of Tanzania’s wildlife and landscapes.

Anyone can embark on this thrilling safari experience. Beginners can have a maiden expertise even if they are scared of heights. However, this safari experience excludes children under 7 years old and visitors weighing above 120 kg.

A couple or any group of 2–16 individuals can hop on a balloon safari. This fantastic safari costs $490 to $550 per person.

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When is the best time to go on a balloon safari?

Balloon safaris depend on the weather conditions of the specific day. Clear skies favor balloon safaris, while clouds and rain hinder this wonderful experience. In the dry season, there is little or no rain, thus favoring balloon safaris.

The best time for a balloon safari in Tanzania is June to October. In addition, a short rainy season occurs between November and February, which is also perfect for balloon safaris.

Where can I go for a balloon safari in Tanzania?

There are several beautiful destinations to go on balloon safaris. Serengeti National Park is a favorite destination for many visitors. However, balloon safaris are thrilling even in destinations other than Serengeti National Park. Let’s see some of these ever-beautiful destinations which also offer balloon safari like Serengeti:

Balloon Safaris in Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is a beautiful wildlife park in northern Tanzania. Its attractions include abundant wildlife, stunning landscapes, the Tarangire River, birdlife, and many more. These attractions offer a memorable safari experience when viewed on a heart-pounding balloon safari.

Glide across Tarangire to experience a bird’s-eye view of golden grasslands. Your captain will raise the balloon high enough to enjoy the views of the mighty Tarangire River. Its riverbanks usually host thousands of wild animals looking for water in the early mornings.

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Water becomes scarce in the dry season, thus attracting many wild animals, including elephants. These terrestrial giants dominate the acacia woodlands in Tarangire National Park. 

Serengeti Balloon Safari in 2025 with East Africa Safari Guides

Your captain will lower the balloon to get clear views of these gray-skinned animals. A large population of zebras and gazelles roam free in the plains, creating fantastic scenes. You will also see the beautiful blue outline of the Great Rift Valley Escarpment.

It lasts for an hour in the air, roaming freely and enjoying Tanzanian hot coffee in the basket. When your captain alarms you, get prepared to land. The balloon will land at a specified location provided by our ground staff. 

Celebrate the victory with champagne and enjoy a much-needed bush breakfast on a particular site. Afterward, you will get your hard-earned flight certificate. Your guide will meet you there to continue with your safari.

Balloon Safari in Nyerere National Park | Hot Air Balloon Safari Tanzania

Nyerere National Park (formerly known as Selous Game Reserve) is the perfect escape from the crowded parks. Flying over the biggest park in the country is truly a life-changing safari experience.

The trek begins before sunrise. A guide will pick you up from your lodge or campsite and transport you to the take-off location. You will listen to your captain as he provides safety briefings for takeoff, flying, and landing.

By 6 a.m., you will be floating in the air, witnessing the virgin forests brightened by the sunrise. Our professional pilots will take us to a low altitude to see wild animals in the Savannah Plains.  After an hour of balloon flight over the Selous Game Reserve, the captain will bring you down to a landing site. After a champagne breakfast, a guide will take you on a safari vehicle to your lodge or safari camp.

Hot-air Balloon Flights in Ruaha National Park (Southern Tanzania)

Fly over the untouched forests to see the largest herds of elephants. Your flight will begin early in the morning with our captain’s brief briefing. You will see the Great Ruaha River, which runs parallel with the Njombe River.

As you fly close to the ground, you will see buffalos in grassy fields, giraffes, wildebeests, zebras, and impalas. After a hot-air balloon ride, you will enjoy a champagne bush breakfast after landing.


Are hot-air balloon safaris safe?

Yes, a hot-air balloon ride is a safe safari to embark on. East Africa Safari Guides offers balloon safaris with expert pilots with solid flight experience. They have more than 20,000 flight hours.

Our balloons are safe and equipped with modern technology. We also do pre-flight checks on our balloons. Therefore, we highly recommend that you experience this safari.

Weather and balloon safaris | Hot Air Balloon Safari Tanzania

When planning an adventurous balloon safari, you should be aware of circumstances that can interrupt your balloon flight. At East Africa Safari Guides, the safety of our visitors is our priority. We’ll cancel the balloon safari under certain circumstances, including the following:

When there are high-speed winds, the wind speed should not be high for good flight. The wind speed determines where the balloon will go, affecting takeoffs and landings. In this situation, we’ll cancel the flight.

There is no clear visibility on which balloon safaris depend under such weather conditions when there is fog or heavy rain. The flight will not go through that day. However, we advise our clients to plan their balloon safaris during the dry season, when fog and rain are rare.

A balloon safari in Tanzania is the true definition of a memorable safari. You can have this delightful experience in different national parks in Tanzania. East Africa Safari Guides is your tour operator for balloon safaris and life-enriching adventures in Tanzania. If you are interested in exploring the wonders of Tanzania, join us on one of our safaris.


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