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Tom Snoyd
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I now believe that “Something you don’t have sufficient knowledge about is like wandering in a night of scary darkness.” My insecurities and fears proved me wrong this time, and so did Tanzania. The adventure of exploring a new land, the thrill of discovering its beauty, and the joy of sharing it with my family are the feelings that I now associate with Tanzania. I have always wanted to visit Africa and go on an African safaris with my family, but I must admit that I was very anxious about the whole shebang. Coming from a wealthy background and a different country, considering going for a safari on a continent and country regarded as underdeveloped felt like a mystery. 

Fear as Always – African Safaris

I here believe that what gives travel actual value is fear. Where to start? Is it safe in Tanzania? Are there proper luxurious accommodations in Tanzania? Is everyone charming and friendly? What about food and water? Are there proper infrastructures and transportation? I wouldn’t hesitate to ask myself these questions for my family’s safety. Therefore, I decided to take the risk and travel to Tanzania alone. It was like a pilot safari to pave the way for the natural family safari, which will be perfected with the pilot I have made.

They Overcome My Fear

I did a ton of research and luckily read about the East African Safari Guide in a particular international magazine. I was very impressed with the tour operation company to the extent that I had to take the initiative of contacting them, without knowing that it was a move that was going to completely change my mindset about Tanzania safaris and African safaris in general. From my first contact with East African Safari Guide, the customer service I received was incredible, far beyond what I could imagine. They would respond to my inquiry at a record rate any day or night. My safari was tailored to suit my budget and plans, and nothing was a problem. They also modified my itinerary multiple times until my dream safari was intended, which perfectly aligned with my budget and timeline. It’s hard to describe how implausible my experience with East Africa Safari Guide was before I flew to Africa.

Tanzania Proved Me Wrong

A few days later, I landed in Tanzania as my itinerary labeled; I was in awe and shock, seeing how everything was different from how I could imagine. Beautiful, kind, and charming people were ubiquitous: excellent infrastructures, good transport, a clean and safe environment, and much more. I was lucky to have my travel guide (Mickdad), who picked me up from the airport. His far-reaching smile and easy-going character immediately made me feel at home, even though it was my first expedition to Tanzania. This sense of safety and comfort was a constant companion throughout my journey, making it all the more enjoyable and memorable.

Lions mating in Serengeti National Park - African Safaris
Lions mating in Serengeti – Captured by Peter Lorey

The Best Guide I Met in an African Safari

As I began to count down the days on my itinerary, everything went as planned, with lots of discoveries and excitement from my travel guide. The knowledge of wildlife and the deep understanding of flora and fauna, merged with genuine care, passion, and love for what he does, were the ingredients that made my safari both unforgettable and inspirational to many, including my family. Besides learning and seeing so much, I also had many laughs and much to share. The East African Safari Guide staff defined how extremely good and sweet Tanzanian people are. Nevertheless, Mickdad was an excellent driver and an experienced guide, too. 

Finger Crossed

I visited several Tanzania National Parks and was in disbelief, shocked to see luxurious accommodations in the middle of the wilderness were perfectly arranged for me; unbelievable! Along with game drives, I spotted lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, rhinos, hippos, and many more great creatures in different crow’s nests in Tanzania’s ecosystem. My exclusive highlight of the tour is spotting the tapestry of gorgeousness, harmony, and excellent, beautiful views of nature in the parks. Families of wildlife moving around in the bushes, participating in their daily life routine, and seeing them stick and unite together everywhere was very inspiring. 

Life is Beautiful with Maasai People – African Safaris

Marking the end of my stay in Tanzania, I felt speechless, and this experience got my heart. I was emotionally overwhelmed when we visited the Maasai in their communities. We drove through endless grassland to the edge of the rift valley. Here, we brought the villagers some packages with light in the form of inflatable solar lamps packed with other small gifts. It was not just a visit but a genuine connection with the local community, a shared moment of joy and gratitude. This was an inimitable encounter, something I will never forget. I got to see natural communities and witness authentic life for the indigenous people of Africa. I felt like I was a part of it and loved every moment – every recommendation my travel guide made exceeded my expectations. 

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I cannot deny that I have traveled to different parts of the world, but my trip to Tanzania has truly captured my attention. I promise to bring my family back to Tanzania and possibly Kenya to witness the wildebeest migration I have heard so much about. I am certain it will create lasting memories and be the perfect farewell gift to my son as he begins his independent life in Manhattan.

Peter Lorey
Peter Lorey review about African Safaris

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